Naomi Shane Fernandes

Project Description:

A deep-dive into the thought process of an over thinker, this is an abstract monologue with self.

Animated Zine

Medium: 2D Digital animation

Duration: 32 seconds

Illustrated zine:

Medium: Digital Illustration, Traditional Illustration.

Artist Statement

 I often use fantastical, abstract and surreal elements to convey stories through my pieces. The idea of getting lost in art and “escapism” still remains one of the key informing factors of my art making process. Being introduced to brilliant musical influences growing up, I learnt the rawness of expression in music moved me and urged me to translate that genuineness of expression into my artworks. While exploring through heavy content and human expression, I paired that with the use of different materials some more traditional, the others experimental. I seem to discover and learn something new with every medium. I tell stories that I want to share, through my works of art. 

Naomi Shane Fernandes

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Naomi is an Indian Visual Artist and Illustrator based in Vancouver. She loves the outdoors and often draws her inspiration from simple things in nature. Naomi is curious and acquires various different skills to develop her art practice such as Illustration, Web design, Installations, 2DAnimation, Drawing, Painting and Critical writing. Her love for comic books and short stories remains a key contributing factor to her art journey.

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