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  • DESIS Radical Sustainability Award
  • Emily Carr Alumni Association Graduation Award for Community Engagement – Honourable Mention



Host House is a 4 x 8 foot Tiny house made from Rezoning/Development Signs that is transported on a trailer made of 13 old bike frames donated by Community bike shops around Vancouver. The whole structure is piloted by two side by side cyclists with quads of steel. Designed to be a transient form of architecture that can be employed as housing, a gallery, a studio space, or place for public Engaments. It has been made in with help from 20 TAPEWORM members over the last 6 months.


Using a  “Shovelling person” sign we built a Shovel to fix the snow filled liminal space that connects the the Emily Carr University to the bike path.


CURB CUT was originally made as a SYMPTOM that would help my girlfriend get to school more efficiently, but could also be used for wheelchairs and strollers. Made from a DETOUR sign.



Made from a SIDEWALK CLOSED sign, this aluminum tool box allows Worms to carry tools and accommodations to any job site. Equipped with a Locker lock for safety, and a monopod leg so it can be propped up as a work surface on site. for more information visit https://www.tapewormcorp.com/


Portable Tool Crib that allows for work to be taken onto the road. Built on the platform of a Shopping Cart and a Childs bike.


We Use trailers to haul all necessary tools and materials around the city using bike power. 



The Aviator Hat is both uniform and a tool it has 3m reflective tape, Mag Brim technology for holding screws and other magnetic objects, and a stash pocket for important documents. Water Resistant and fleece lined perfectly suited for normal Vancouver Conditions. Outer fabric Donated by North Water LLC, from the faulty cut fabric during the manufacturing process. Limited Run of 11 Pieces were made.

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