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Located in Rennie Hall, within the central area.

Ramble is an exploration of dynamic furniture made to challenge the stigmas surrounding adult movement within public spaces.

an introduction

Ramble places itself in the public arena. With the goal that is inherently social, I want my piece to exist in places where it can interact with people, using it or experiencing others using it. With its placement being in institutions like schools, libraries, workplaces, it will have the opportunity to interact with people in spaces of work and leisure, and in different stages within their lives. The intention is to challenge and question the concept of adult fun within movement, especially in the public space.

The thought of a chair that moves is not new, however when I say those words the image that comes to mind is that of a child using the chair. My goal with this project is to intervene in the status-quo of what is acceptable in terms of movement for adults in the public arena. Instead of de-stigmatizing fidgeting (a topic I leaned heavily towards up until half way through my project) I would like to target the issue of de-stigmatization in a different way – distrupting the space that this stigmatization exists. This is the space in which adults interact and move.

piece #1

MDF, bungee cord, wooden dowels

piece #2

MDF, tire, bungee cord

piece #3

birchwood ply, door skin, MDF

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Ella Mah

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Ella Mah is a designer based in Vancouver BC. Ella’s work
includes a range of materials and crafts – she has a passion
for human behaviour and making for the human experience. Stumbling into her collection of designs you’ll find tactile bags made for durability, and chairs made to fit
into the day to day of human beings. Scattered around these projects she has a passion for wood lathing, product sketching, and communication design as well.