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An exploration of home through paint and clay.

“Lasagna Dinner” (2020) Oil on Panel, 24×36

“Jake’s Room” (2022) Oil on Canvas, 18×24

“Jake’s Room (Accessories)” (2022) Underglaze on Earthenware, 3.5×4.5

“Amy’s New Toaster” (2020) Oil on Paper, 16×20

“Grandma’s Dining Room” (2022) Stoneware, 6.5×10.5

“Downstairs Bathroom” (2020) Oil on Paper, 16×20

“Nana’s Cookies” (2020) Oil on Paper, 8×12

“Nana’s Kitchen” (2023) Underglaze on Stoneware, 9×12

“Dad’s Spot” (2020) Oil on Paper, 16×20

Grace Connor

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Grace is visual arts major with a focus on painting and ceramics. Through clay and paint she works to better appreciate common places of daily life and to further sentimentalize the ordinary. Much of her work utilizes photography to capture people’s personal collections, recipes, and moments. Further, through the use of ceramic materials, she continues this investigation by forming and decorating vessels to ordinate and monumentalize functional objects of everyday use.