“la casa de mi abuela” (2023)

Gabriel 'gabo' Saenz

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Located at the RBC Media Gallery.

This tribute to the hardworking women of Nicaragua serves as a touching memorial to my grandmother, who tirelessly sewed to provide for our family.

la casa de mi abuela is crafted from durable foam board, the antique sewing machine is transformed into a powerful symbol of resilience and strength.

The piece is brought to life through a breathtaking projection mapping display, which paints the white sculpture with low-res, but highly detailed textures inspired by early 2000s video game low-poly design. The dynamic projection mapping technology adds depth and dimension to the sculpture, creating a truly immersive and interactive experience.

The sculpture is complemented by an ambient soundtrack that evokes the bustling energy of Villa Libertad in Managua, Nicaragua. The sound of the street noise outside the artist’s grandmother’s house serves as a poignant reminder of the everyday struggles and triumphs of the working class, while you can hear an acoustic guitar cover of my grandma’s favorite song, played by my cousin, Axel Gutierrez. In this incredible mixed-media sculpture, the artist expertly blends tradition and innovation to create a powerful and evocative work of art that pays tribute to the unwavering strength and perseverance of the women of Nicaragua.

Gabriel 'gabo' Saenz

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Gabriel Saenz, also known as Gabo, is an interdisciplinary artist originally from Nicaragua but raised in El Salvador, who now resides in Vancouver, Canada. Gabo’s body of work is primarily focused on socio-political issues, with a specific focus on the current political situation in Nicaragua under the Ortega regime. Gabo’s personal works are also reflective of his experiences as an artist living with ADHD and anxiety, as well as his fascination with death, often represented through a unique mascot in his pieces. His diverse practice encompasses illustration, printmaking, sculpture, mixed media, and fashion. Gabo seeks to blend traditional analog mediums with contemporary technology to create innovative works that challenge the boundaries of art.

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