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You can find this work by the east facing wall in the Faculty gallery near the elevator and media resources if you enter the building from the first level entrance.


32” x 68”

Mixed Media Work (found images, sewing thread, chicken wire and fishing line)

This work is a reflection of my personal experience and battle with disassociation. I often find myself slipping into a tranquil state where I am deep in thought but unaware of my surroundings and incapable of absorbing new information. Disassociation also creates a disconnected feeling of uncertainty about yourself and your identity, which prompted me to use found images of various bodily forms and figures as I struggle with knowing who I am or who I want to be. It feels like an invisible barrier disconnecting me from my body and the outside world, and this work embodies this debilitating feeling.

Piece #1: The Hanging Frames:

32” x 36”

Found images from various printed media delicately sewn together with a machine to create a quilt/tapestry. Each frame or window has been removed from the picture, allowing viewers to look both at the work and simultaneously through the images of the sculpture behind it.

Piece #2: Head sculpture:

11” x 13”

This head shape sculpture was created in a similarly to the tapestry out of found images from various printed media and hand sewed together through a chicken wire frame. The disorderly configuration of human figures and facial features creates a convoluted mask that is daunting and captivating.

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Materials + Process

This project emerged out of an idea that I have been wanting to explore for some time, which is sewing photographs together. I began investigating how different materials interact, such as various forms of printed material and textiles. I tried hand sewing and sewing with a machine to interact with the material in multiple ways. I experimented with using cutouts within the images and replacing them with other scrap material from the photographic darkroom process. One aspect of this project process that I struggled with was deciding which form this process and material should look like and function in the end. I tried making a collage quilt, making more miniature photo quilts embedded within a canvas, the cutouts from the found images acting as the canvas surface and various other forms. But in the end, I made the bold decision to use the sewing machine to create an image-based tapestry and hand sewing for the human head sculpture. Overall, this process and material exploration pushed me out of my comfort zone and inspired me to explore sculpture further in my artistic practice.

Artist Statement

Through my material exploration, my artwork mainly merges the physical elements of photography and collage with the textural landscapes of abstract painting. Found photographs and images from various media forms such as books, magazines and newspapers make up the mixed media aspect of my work. Due to the large number of images that circulate in our world, I find a sense of character within previously consumed images and combine images that never have or may have never been interconnected before. I seek images with a previous context or story, and through collage, assemblage and photomontage, I attempt to transform them visually and spiritually. My inspiration is heavily derived from a fascination with history and found images as I try to reflect on the related themes of archival and memory to examine humans’ need for conclusive stories and our tendency to ‘fictionalize’ or romanticize memories from the past. My strong connection to nature, and organic colours and forms, is also a prominent element within her practice. Artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Steven Shearer are evident artists associated with mixed media that influence my current work. Mixed media allows me to blend her interests into an ever-evolving topography that is my creative practice.

“Mixed media allows me to blend my interests into an ever-evolving topography that is my creative practice.”

Meaghan Murray

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Meaghan Murray is a multidisciplinary artist from Caledon, Ontario, with a vast creative practice that explores a variety of materials and mediums, with the most prominent being: photomontage, monotype printmaking, abstract painting, digital photography and analogue film. Since childhood, she has attended art lessons, participated in a Regional Arts program throughout high school, and volunteered at an alternative learning school. This basis of knowledge and passion for the arts lead her to explore various mediums and gain technique which has significantly supported her further exploration that has taken place at Emily Carr’s facilities. In addition, being a part of the Capture photography festival in the spring of 2022 in a group student exhibition allowed her to display her work to a broader audience and working at the Rennie Museum further established her within the art community

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