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Let’s Eat Healthy Me & You

About Miu Cafe

Have you have a hard time finding a quiet space to work with your kids? Do you struggle to find a place to sit with your toddler in a busy Vancouver coffee shop?

Finding a coffee shop that accommodates families with young children can be challenging in Vancouver. MIU Cafe aims to redefine a traditional cafe by incorporating family-friendly space and offer food-literacy focused learning activities for young children.

We divided our service design into 4 individual projects:

  • Leanne Liu: Yummy Tummies:
  • Leanne Liu: Yummy Tummies
  • Leanne Liu: Yummy Tummies
  • Leanne Liu: Yummy Tummies

Yummy Tummies | Leanne Liu

Recipe for young children that teaches them how to create their own simple meals, inspiring creativity through healthy eating habits. Yummy Tummies lets children from ages 3+ explore the greatness of a kitchen.

Foodventure Land |
Felicia Sugiarta

Foodventure Lands allows 3-5 years old to discover a world of super power with Super Fruits. This interactive projection game will be displayed on a wall where children are encouraged to discover the amazing super powers of each fruit character and their important function for our bodies. The goal of this project is to expose young children to new fruits and help reduce finicky eating habits.

Merry-Go-Yum | Sarah Kim

This interactive tactile board game help children between the ages of 5-7 years old to learn how to identify various food items in to the appropriate food groups. This game allows 2-4 players to be curious about our food groups and discover new food items. The goal of the game is to help children feel empowered to confidently identify appropriate food groups and create a balanced meal as they get older.

Super Cook | Jessica Huang

Super Cook Is an interactive Cooking Game that introduces and educates cookery skills to children age 7 and above to embrace a healthful habit of healthy eating and meal prep. The goal of this game is to help children to build confidence and basic knowledge to day to day cooking skills.

About Us

Leanne Liu

Leanne is an energetic interaction designer who enjoys designing for people and with people. She hopes to create designs that serves the public with an open mind and construct a safe and inclusive society.


Felicia Sugiarta

Leanne is an energetic interaction Felicia Sugiarta is an Interactive Designer who passionately communicates complex ideas in a fun way! Her Graphic Design and Marketing background enables her to appreciate user engagement by making experiences come to life.


Sarah Kim

Sarah is a passionate user interface and service designer who also has experience in business and insurance. She aspires to be a designer who can simplify complex problems while creating a socially conscious outcome.


Jessica Huang

Jessica is a visual creature passionate in user experience design and service design. She never settles for anything less than fun and perfection! Her web design and customer service background spikes her passion for problem-solving and making wholesome experiences for users.