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What is Repe [repI] ?

Repe is a hands-free recipe application and measuring device designed for people with visual impairment. It is especially for visually impaired people including low visual acuity, usable visual field, contrast sensitivity, color perception, color blind and blind. 

Repe has auditory communication systems and unique interfaces that are accessible user experience. It provides an opportunity for the users, who have difficulty in perceiving visual information for the user’s delightful food exploration.
With Repe’s measuring device, helps the users to reduce the barrier to changes or in my application specifically new recipes, cuisine and challenge themselves by experiencing a variety of new recipes and food and feel a sense of accomplishment throughout the process.

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Visual impairment could often be the barrier for people when they attempt to learn visual information such as photographs due to an information gap. This limits people to their daily tasks or activities such as interpreting the essential stages involved that becomes a struggle for them. These problems stop them from trying out new things in their life and settle to the things that they are used to.

Also, often they need another person to assist them which could bring them exhaustion and frustration resulting in low quality in their life. In regards to the topic of cooking, there are less and less choices with recipes that are not accessible to visually impaired people, but not qualifying to the web accessibility guidelines. This includes, no substitutional information and accessible tools available such as audio, brail, high color contrast and magnification.


Offers substitutional information in the form of sound interactivity to guide the user through the cooking process. Supportive measuring device and web accessibility tools that could make their cooking time more enjoyable and efficient

01 | UI

Repe is designed for visually impaired people and therefore the user interface has pursued WCAG AA, Web Content Accessibility Guideline. Also it supports different modes including regular color, black and white, black and inverted and inverted color. Various modes widen the option for readability and usability.

02 | Audio interactivity

An interactive audio allows the user to verbally command to control the application throughout the process of browsing, preparation and cooking. It provides an experience for the user to independently access the recipes and control their cooking speed. Provision of the substitutional sensory information enables the user to obtain sufficient knowledge to understand the information

03 | Recipe

Each and every recipe in Repe is specialized for visually impaired people. The steps for the recipes dives into the detailed stages and central to the user. It provides enough time for the user for preparation and cooking time that usually takes longer time that regular users

04 | Measuring device

Audio based interactive measuring devices are linked to the recipe that the user is currently in progress or measure any ingredients separately. Tactile buttons inform the user to safely place the bowl and activate them. Color contrast and textures between the elements assist the user with distinguishing and identifying the buttons. Measuring device will notify completing the measurement with both sound and visual screen display that has maximized the accessibility.

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