Alisa Marlowe Ribeiro

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Located on the second floor beside the main elevators, across from the library.


ECOPICA is an eco-punk inspired exploration video game focused on a speculative future approached narrative. The story follows the protagonist, Buddy a washed up detective, as they’re set out to explore, document and discover secrets about the seemingly abandoned city of New Hudsonia.

ECOPICA relies on a progressing narrative, one that grows alongside the player and interacting with the environment and local wildlife to solve puzzles and advance your way through the game to reach your final destination: New Hudsonia where you will be able to reach your own conclusions through the actions you take throughout the game.

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The Team Behind ECOPICA

We are Inverted NEM (Nancy, Esther, A.Marlowe), we are an independent game studio of 3 artists and designers.

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Alisa Marlowe Ribeiro

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My name is Alisa Marlowe Ribeiro.
I am a multidisciplinary artist and designer.

My strengths lie in creating interactive and playful design work. I strive for all of my
works to have their own sense of individual identity, and personality and overall, make things fun!