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Yasmin Bakhtiar

Project Overview

As an Iranian-Canadian emerging artist, I am deeply influenced by my experiences living in both countries. My Iranian heritage and Canadian identity are integral to my creative process, and I blend these two cultures in my minimal graphic designs and photos to create a unique visual style that is both traditional and contemporary. 

I believe that art has the potential to positively impact the world. By showcasing the beauty and complexity of Iranian culture through a minimalistic lens and combining elements of the two cultures, my work promotes cultural understanding and the idea of a global community. 

The project takes a closer look at the differences and similarities between the architecture of my homeland and my new home as an immigrant. Through poetry, it explores a path between these two worlds. 


When I moved to my new home in Canada, I was looking for a familiar sight here. Something to connect with. Everywhere I turned my head around, I was looking for familiar street signs or architecture around me. Finally, through art, the common language of all humankind, I found the bridge I was seeking. A path from one home to another. From one language to the other.

Value – Inspiration

I utilize minimalism to simplify my art pieces and to elicit emotions and contemplation. I draw inspiration from the rich history of Iranian culture, which incorporates traditional motifs, patterns, calligraphy, and a preference for geometric shapes and symmetry. I also incorporate the Canadian minimalist approach in my work, characterized by clean lines and a restricted colour palette. The blending of these two cultures reflects my Iranian-Canadian identity and my connection to it.

Through my art, I seek to inspire people to appreciate simplicity and find significance in everyday things. I also aim to promote multiculturalism by showcasing the diversity and fusion inherent in my own identity. I strive to inspire, educate, and connect individuals, with the hope of making a positive difference in the world by highlighting the beauty of different cultures coming together to create something unique and meaningful. Ultimately, I hope to inspire people to recognize the beauty in themselves and in the world around them and to appreciate the richness and diversity of other cultures, emphasizing that we are all part of a global community. 


  • Poster
    • These posters are designed in Farsi, with an English translation printed on acetate paper. This allows the audience to hold the paper in front of the Farsi poster and easily see and read the translation in English. 

  • AR
    • Augmented Reality can create an interactive experience that brings history to life. By scanning the QR barcode, you can see what a monument or street looked like and learn about the significance of particular cultural symbols in Iranian history. 

Screen record of a sample trial of using the AR feature.

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  • Interview
    • An interview with an Iranian-Canadian fashion designer demonstrates how blending modern and traditional styles creates a unique identity that sets Iranian-Canadian fashion designers apart in the industry.

  • Booklet
    • The booklet provides a thorough explanation of each idea and concise historical background of Iran’s architecture and culture.


Working on this project has been an inspiring experience for me. It allowed me to tap into my personal experiences and use them to shape my creative process, resulting in something unique and hopefully meaningful. It was a challenge to blend my Iranian heritage with my new Canadian identity, but ultimately rewarding as it gave me a medium to work on minimalistic designs that promote cultural understanding and a sense of global community. Using poetry, fashion, and architecture as some tools to explore the similarities and differences between my two homes was a fascinating approach, as it allowed me to create a bridge between the two cultures and languages.

Throughout this project, I was motivated by the achievements of established Canadian-Iranian artists in fashion and architecture. Their success served as a reminder that pursuing my career and artistic goals can also contribute to promoting multiculturalism and inclusivity. Overall, this project has been an enriching experience that has helped me further develop my artistic style and express my unique Iranian-Canadian identity.

Special thanks

I would like to express my gratitude to the following individuals for their invaluable contributions to this project: Hossein Amanat, Rojan Hooshyar, Reyhan Yazdani, Saina Atrchian, and Khashayar Pejhan. Your willingness to share your stories, provide feedback, and offer your expertise has enriched this project and helped me to achieve my goals.

Yasmin Bakhtiar

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Yasmin Bakhtiar is an Iranian-Canadian artist with a background in photography, based in Vancouver. She graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design with a Bachelor of Design in Communication Design. She uses her cultural and personal experiences to create meaningful connections within her design work. Yasmin draws inspiration from her experiences in both countries, blending her Iranian heritage with her Canadian identity to create a unique visual style in her minimalistic graphic designs and photographs.

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