Aamba Chavis

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Award Recipient

ECU Graduation Awards for Anti-Racism and Social Justice – Media

Duration: Looped animation

Medium: 2D Digital Animation, installation, illustration video, sound

Animation & illustration, Aamba Chavis

Sound, Thomas Myles Feltenberger


Hair is an immersive installation that is located on the first floor of Emily Carr University of Art + Design. This installation contains a looped soundtrack and a looped animation that is projected on three walls. Residing in a small and intimate space, this installation will take you out of Emily Carr and into the surreal world of Hair.

Special Thanks

  • Bobbi Kozinuk
  • Thomas Myles Feltenberger
  • Tonin Laplanche
  • Gonzalo Rodriguez
  • Emily Hermant
  • Peter Bussigel

Aamba Chavis

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Aamba Chavis is an illustrator who is based in Vancouver, BC. She is a Black creator who was born in Manhattan, New York and raised in Brooklyn. In 2021, she was hired by Macroverse, a leading company in the next generation of rare digital comics, collectibles and storytelling on the blockchain, as an intern and mentee. From 2021 to present day, Aamba has continued to work with Macroverse to concept, write and illustrate the graphic novel, Mysophobix. She recently graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2023 and is now working as a freelance illustrator.

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