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Le Ho Hai Nam

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Le Ho Hai Nam

“Sun gonna Shine”

Duration (12:35)

Medium: Short Film

Role: Director, Writer, Sound Design, Post Production


Duration (21:35)

Medium: Short Documentary

Role: Director, DOP, Sound design, Post Production



A vlog-ish video that I filmed during my recent trip in Vietnam for 2 months after a few years being away. Despite forgetting a lot of things that relate to where I was born, I return with a fresh pair of eyes as I remember things but also discover new aspect to it. A white paper filling up with new information. I rediscover Vietnam as myself in my 20s.

Artist Statement

My project “Miu” follows my journey back to Hanoi, Vietnam after living in Vancouver for five years. As a young person heavily influenced by American media, I used to believe that the glamorous images I saw in movies and music were the epitome of a desirable life. However, during my time in Canada, I found myself feeling detached from my hometown and didn’t have high expectations for my return. In fact, I had developed my own reverse racism towards Vietnam, thinking that the outside world had more to offer.

I noticed that this mentality was shared by many people who had lived in Vietnam their entire lives. While they still held their city dear, they too yearned for the excitement and opportunities of the outside world. I wanted to share my perspective with these people – that of a semi-foreigner who had forgotten many things about his own culture, yet found the beauty of Vietnam.

Through my documentary, “Miu,” I hope to capture the essence of Vietnam’s culture and people in a slow and realistic manner. I want to showcase the everyday aspects of life that are often overlooked or taken for granted, and turn them into something fun and unique that only the people of Vietnam with their special mentality can create


Nam Le

FILM (Sun gonna shine)


In a world plunged into darkness for a decade since the sun’s disappearance, humanity struggles to survive by using electricity as their only means of sustenance. In this dystopian setting, chaos reigns and a skilled detective is tasked with tracking down a notorious thief who is causing mayhem in the city. However, as the detective delves deeper into the case, they discover an unexpected connection with the thief that challenges their perceptions of right and wrong.

Artist Statement

Creating a believable world through my characters is my primary goal. Science fiction is a challenging genre to tackle, especially with a limited budget and restricted filming locations. Nevertheless, I am eager to take on this challenge and develop a futuristic world that still retains elements of our everyday lives. Nostalgia plays a vital role in my creative process, drawing inspiration from old TV shows and music. My artistic influences include Tarantino, Wong Kar-Wai, and the film ‘End of Watch.’ My ultimate objective is to immerse the audience in the environment that I have created, sparking their curiosity and leaving them with an uncertain yet satisfying feeling by the end of the film.

Project Stills


Director/ Writer/Music composer: Nam Le

DOP: Emil, Warren Tang

Cam op: Toby 

Gaffer: Maria 

Grip: Jason 

Make up: Rachel Millar 

Sound mixing: Matt 

Sound composer: Nam Le

Post production: Nam Le, Warren Tang

Le Ho Hai Nam

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Nam Le is a talented Vietnamese artist who currently resides in Vancouver. His passion for music, filmmaking, and storytelling has fueled his creativity from an early age. With a unique perspective on the world, Nam Le combines his love for sampling and reimagining ideas to create something entirely new and refreshing. His ultimate goal is to become a successful musician and director.

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