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World Setting

One day, humans opened a spatial rift through alchemy, revealing a world with three distinct races: the Golden Scaled, Elves, and Giants. The Golden Scaled have powers that closely align with nature and cannot be replicated by other races. They can transform from dragon to humanoid form and can create natural resources such as minerals and plants, but cannot sustain it for long periods. Elves are nimble and intelligent and excel in magic (with many different types of elf). Giants are large and excel in physical labor.

The three races depend on each other and live in harmony. The Golden Scaled are responsible for producing natural resources, Elves process and maintain them, and Giants transport and perform physical labor to maintain a stable ecosystem.

Humans occupied the city nearest to the spatial rift, becoming the royal city of humans in this other world. Using the material from meteorites, they created a unique gem that limits magic within its range. The gem is hidden somewhere within the city, and no one knows its exact location or appearance, only rumors. What was once a lush forest became a desert city due to the Elves losing their magic and inability to sustain life, and they and the Giants were enslaved. The Golden Scaled, who control the resources, were unaffected. This broke the balance of the three worlds.

Many Elves fled, and those without magic were defenseless and captured by humans. Most of the dragon race also evacuated the area. When the female protagonist was a child, she was separated from her family while escaping and witnessed her kin being killed or enslaved. She escaped captivity due to her agility and met a Golden Scaled spice merchant (Zalika, who can turn anything into gold), who treated her like family.

The dragon race also had conflicts over interests and fought against each other. Under Zalika’s guidance, the female protagonist, Yuean, became an excellent assassin. As she grew up with Zalika, Yuean wore a golden dragon scale breastplate, evidence of her connection to the dragon race, even as a prize of war.

Many plot points cannot be fully described in short stories, but the storyline revolves around shaping the female protagonist as a lethal and nimble assassin. When Yuean was a child, her hometown was occupied by humans. Ten years later, she returned to the now-deserted hometown. Due to her distinctive elf ears, she was targeted by street thugs who wanted to kidnap her, but she punished them with her excellent skills. Her Golden Scaled friend gave her the opportunity to gather information about the gem that sealed the Elf magic in the palace. This short film ends, also serving as the beginning of the larger world story.

The female protagonist’s name is Yuean. She wears a cloak and a flowing Western dancer skirt with added golden jewelry and butterfly elements. Yuean is a unique existence. She does not have magic like other elf people, which caused her to experience much ridicule from her own kind. It is only through her innate agility and later training that she became such an outstanding assassin. She hopes to make a difference through her modest efforts…

The theme of the work will be a character design elaboration of the imaginary world concept, including fantastic short stories. The theme of the whole project will be a combination of real historical backgrounds and ideas about cultural and humanistic aspects, the homeland sentiment, and some reflections on humanitarianism.

The whole work will be based on electronic drawings to present the storyline and the ideas I want to express and the world view of my story. The story is based on some of own experiences and is inspired by Persian civilization, nomadic civilization, Mongolian culture, desert culture and western medieval alchemy.

The ideal audience is people who are interested in the fusion of historical culture and contemporary costume design culture. The contemporary costume design culture related to games, digital art, film art, fantasy novels, comics and animation .

Personally, I would like to do some aesthetical body design and clothing design.  I think everyone has the right to freely choose their clothing style and should not be subjected to accusations and getting attacks and bullying from others. I think respecting others’ dress style is a common idea if you have basic human rights and dignity. No one in the story is to be the villain, and my job just to show the story of each person.

The more figurative way of drawing characters and stories is easier to understand, and thus it will cause the increasingly target market. Different costumes have different cultural and artistic backgrounds, which shape the characters more dimensionally. In addition, cultural background will relate to the 11-18th century period. I appreciate the diversity of cultures and respect every cultural belief. These ideas will cause me to use this digital art and comic to think the humanity, life and the values.

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