Where Do I Live? Where Is My Space?

Linda Serrano

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Where Do I Live? Where Is My Space? is an installation that explores identity and the malleable nature of a home. The piece involves personal items that were gathered from my own home in Surrey, BC and transported to the exhibition. Due to personal circumstances that involve not having a separate space to claim as a studio, my room slowly began to transform itself into the space I needed and became a part of my home. The near cramped space that this installation occupies speaks to the question: how does my personal life influence my works? In my years studying at Emily Carr, I was not able to and elected to not have a studio space within the school or nearby. Because of this, my room where I carried out all my projects became both a home, a studio, a place to sleep, a place to work, a space to relax, and a space to stress. Where Do I Live? Where Is My Space? asks the viewer how studio spaces change and evolve alongside the artist.

Linda Serrano

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Linda Serrano is an interdisciplinary latino artist residing in Surrey, BC. He is currently finishing a BMA at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Linda predominantly works through the context of memory, play and systems. He employs multiple mediums including video, sound, programming and performance in his work. His current obsession lies in mapping, revisiting, and recontextualizing his memory and the surrounding memories that overlap with his own.

Linda began his career through assisting children art programs at the Surrey Art Gallery. He is passionate about sharing skills and exchanging knowledge with youth and children. Linda believes in art as an integral tool to process the current world and aims to share his passion to his community. His works have been screened at XINEMA and exhibited at ECUAD, and he frequently performs at local venues. His latest works have been shown at the James Black Gallery in a group exhibition called Please Hold- during a Pod residency held there with 3 other fellow artists: Alisa Tarabrina, Sam Street and Clara Conrado.

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