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For my senior graduation project, I want to create something that is related to what I am passionate about. Gaming has always been a huge part of my life and I believe there is a huge opportunity space where I can design a platform where it could benefit others.


I am designing a centralized game currency platform that allows gamers to have control over their spending by monitoring their spending habit. As well as implementing a unique digital card that can be used as the main card to be used for all in-game purchases.


In the current market of video games, whether that may be mobile or consoles, many developers made their games free to play. However, in order to generate revenue, they have implemented a system called microtransaction where players can purchases items such as cosmetics, characters, weapons, or even abilities, while sometimes it does not affect the overall gameplay but it would enhance the gaming experience for players. A major issue revolving around microtransactions is many gamers have the tendency to impulsively make purchases. Under the concept of microtransaction, there is a loot box or gacha system that encourages players to spend their hard-earned money for a chance to get something they want. This system will sometime award players with higher tier prices but the chances are slim. Furthermore, this can closely be associated with gambling in video games and it will almost never guarantee their wins.


Through this problem space, I would like to mainly target gamers and parents who spent money on microtransactions. In this space, users will be given a personalized digital card that can be used to make all in-game purchases and create a budget limit, or they can make any payment directly through the platform. This makes payment more seamless and easier for users. In addition, it will also help users monitor their spending and provide information and data on their purchases in order to create and maintain healthy spending habits on video games.


Throughout the whole design process, I have done research on precedent research which includes some existing platforms and relevant platforms that are useful towards my concept. I looked into platforms such as Paypal, Mint, Coda Shop, and microtransaction systems within video games. This specific research allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the overall visual design, information architecture, and so on. 

  • Microtransactions make up 88% of digital games revenues
  • In 2020s all microtransactions made up $92.6 billion
  • It is a fast-growing industry
  • Gamers spend an average of $70/per month

Some aspect of the project I would like to focus a lot on is the tone of the platform. When using this platform what should the user feel? Would it feel like someone is nagging about their habit or a gentle reminder? A suggestion was to conduct role-playing scenarios in order to find out what important wording can be added in order to create a sense of reminder without being annoying.





Live Streamer

  • The ones who spent the most money on video games
  • To create content
  • Often re-invest their earnings
  • To show off cosmetics
  • Review characters or showcase

Low – High Spender

  • Spent less than $10 per month
  • For self-enjoyment
  • Battle pass
  • Cosmetics/Characters/Abilities


  • Monitor their child’s spending on games
  • Teach their child how to spend responsibly

The target audience for this concept will be mainly targeting live stream gamers, low to high-spenders and even parents as well. For live-streamers, they are the ones who usually spend the most money on video games since they often reinvest their earnings back into the game to create content for their viewers by doing reviews or showcases. Or even gamers who are looking to spend as little as $10/per month can benefit from the platform that I will create.




Initially, I planned to create a desktop platform that users could access through their computers. However, after receiving feedback from multiple sources, I realized that a mobile app would be more accessible and user-friendly. Shifting my focus to a mobile app has made me more aware of what is important and relevant to users, which will help to ensure that they continue to use the app. By carefully considering the needs of mobile users, I am confident that I can create an app that is both useful and convenient, no matter where the user is located.

After creating the initial prototype, some of the feedback I received was mainly UI changes in order to make this app more user-friendly and display only the important information to users, other info can be found on other pages.

  • Some text was a bit too small for testers to see
  • We need to have a prototype for purchasing screens
  • Missing key elements of concept – purchase history, payment, statistics, graphs


GamePay is currently an interactive prototype on Figma.

Figma Interactive Prototype.

GamePay Promo Video

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Brayden is a UX/UI Designer based in Vancouver, BC. His passion for design started through his interest and practice in photography. Through his creative outlets, he values consistency, compelling storytelling, and visual aesthetics across his designs. He is often fascinated about the interactive experience that connects design to its users, as he is always eager to discover new ways to create immersive experiences for the world. With the knowledge he has gained through his experience, he will continue to grow and be inspired by his surroundings.

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