gAIa: the future of artificial intelligence consciousness.

Anushka Sharma

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Anushka Sharma ⌞IXD BDes ’23⌝

End Format: Interface Prototype, Projection Display, Interactive Reflective Probes, Magazine Article Display

Project Duration: Fourth Year – 6 months

Role: Creator, Designer, Thinker

Interface Screens:

Here is an excerpt from gAIa’s founder, the woman behind a new era in ai consciousness.

“As an interface, gAIa provides a user with a means to manipulate a target’s environment. Tapping into the ubiquitous and existing technologies around the environment, combining all data streams into one platform, gAIa offers two distinct product features- the physical, and the digital.

The digital components include: web tracking (everything the target does online, ever – the links they click, the things they purchase, their search histories, their last messages, etc). The physical components include: biometric monitoring (eye movement tracking, heat maps, gaze duration, microexpressions), spatial navigation (live location tracking, projected maps & desired paths) and a real-time ad display.

What this means is that a user can track a target, see intelligent recommendations and select specific ads to be displayed to them – and then learn from how the target responds to it, all in real time.

Of course, this is done without the target ever knowing, at the discretion of the user. Also, this is obviously not limited to just ads – you now never have to second-guess anything, you can simply .. check.”

Context, Background + Inspiration:

gAIa is a speculative, critical design piece that challenges our understanding of user data, privacy, and the rise of ubiquitous technology.

In an imagined future world where everything is connected and personalized, gAIa envisions a reality where advertising is so seamlessly integrated into our lives – we can no longer distinguish what is real from what may be an ad.

By tracking user data and analysing our every move, gAIa highlights the underlying dangers of these technologies, warning us of the consequences of a future where our every action is monitored and monetised. 

As we enter an age of hyper-personalization and adaptive technology, gAIa is a thought-provoking project that raises important questions about the role of design in shaping our future.

It challenges us to consider how we can design for a world where privacy, agency, and ethical considerations are at the forefront of our minds – and warns us of a future without.

Anushka Sharma

As a UX/UI designer with a passion for exploring the intersections of technology and culture, my primary focus is on designing for people. My personal interests lie in the realm of speculative and critical design futures, where I investigate the social and ethical implications of emerging technologies. I have a particular interest in researching the critical aspects of developing technologies, drawing inspiration from researchers such as Dr. Jeremy Bailenson‘s work on human memory and virtual reality.

As I have recently completed an 8 month internship as a Design Researcher at Lookout, I’ve had the opportunity to hone my skills in user research and design thinking. Moving forward, I’m eager to further develop my skills and apply my passion for exploring critical design and speculative technology to real-world projects (and just human-centered-design in general).

I’m currently open to job opportunities and excited to continue building my portfolio. Please feel free to browse my work and get in touch with me!

Anushka Sharma

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I left Singapore to join Emily Carr in 2019 with an entrance scholarship, and quickly fell in love with Interaction Design, as I studied psychology and design in high school, and found it to be the perfect blend of both areas.

I’m delighted and beyond grateful to be part of the 2023 ECUAD Graduates.

Thank yous go out to: mom+dad, my friends and support systems (j,n+z+o), and the best mentors- Haig, Ben, Diane.


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