Cecilia Hübinette

Cecilia Hübinette

fr3sh will provide a easy to use platform that allows influencer to monetize their content and have more control of where it’s being used in combination with blockchain technology. Business’s are provided a space to securely find, bid and win exclusivity on quality content for marketing purposes. fr3sh strives to be as transparent as possible with costs and avoiding any tech jargon. fr3sh revolutionizing the way influencers and businesses interact with content.

problem space.

In todays day and age taking a photo has never been easier but data privacy and retaining photo ownership is at an all time low. People are constantly having their photos stolen or used without their permission or appropriate compensation with little or no way to stop this. It’s a little too easy to screenshot a photo and pass it off as your own.

With the rise of social media marketing and its effectiveness more and more content is required, but stock photos are often cheesy, it takes a lot of time and effort to communicate with influencers and exclusivity can be difficult to obtain.

Is there a way to change all this and make it easier?

key project details.

  • My Role: Designer & Research
  • Project Length: Sept 2023 — April 2023
  • Tools Used: Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Methods Used: Sketching, mapping, personas, research, SWOTS, clickable prototypes, video prototyping, wire-framing, style sheets…


Let me take you on a journey that will show you how fr3sh can transform the way influencers and businesses interact.

Imagine you’re an influencer who has put in a lot of hard work to create stunning content, only to have it stolen and used without permission or compensation. You’re frustrated and fed up, but you don’t know where to turn. That’s when you stumble upon fr3sh, a revolutionary platform that allows you to securely post your content and set your own price for it.

With fr3sh, you can easily add target companies, block those you don’t want using your content, and get notified when someone bids or wins your content. No more worrying about your hard work being taken advantage of – fr3sh puts you in control.

But what if you’re a business looking for exclusive images and influencer content to elevate your marketing campaigns? fr3sh has got you covered too. With a quick sign-up process, you can access stunning photos that will take your brand to the next level.

You can bid on the photos you love, payment is a breeze, with the option to use a credit card and choose which wallet to store your photos in. Then easily download your newly bought content.

So whether you’re an influencer looking to protect your content and get the compensation and control you deserve or a business looking for exclusive content to elevate your brand, fr3sh can help. fr3sh revolutionizing the way influencers and businesses interact with content.


After researching and discovering a clear problem space I continued the research process to give myself a strong base of knowledge. Through SWOT analysis I discovered there wasn’t anything exactly like what I had in mind.

My research journey continued on to build up information on the web3 space and the possible users. Through research and surveys I discovered how many people had had their images taken without their knowledge but decided to focus it more on influencers as there’s lots of room for influencers monetize their content and for brands and companies to have an easy place to access and buy this content for marketing purposes.

Now I had two pretty good users and a clear problem space but still needed to figure out backend things like which blockchain the app would hypothetically be built on and the problems with web3 and how to counteract it.

I needed to consider things like the environment, so is there a blockchain that isn’t as disruptive to the environment? Web3 while allowing for data privacy also makes for a space where illegal activity can be harder to trace. When it comes to the issues with the web3 space there is only so much that can be done but I know I had to try and prevent as many issues as possible.

Then the additional problem also came up with when it comes to selling photos and these were some of my thoughts and questions that came up:

  • What if an influencers doesn’t want a specific company to buy their photo, how do you circumvent that?
  • How can I make a web3 app as easy to understand as possible to allow it to be a space for people unfamiliar with web3 to use?
  • How do I translate web3 tech jargon into an easy to understand description?
  • What would the onboarding process look like and how do I make it easy and understandable for no web3 familiar people?

In combination with making it my mission to try create transparent and user friendly UI and use user testing to make it as user-friendly as possible, I took to writing a web3 proposal as well that discussed a lot of these concerns.

the brand.

The branding for fr3sh was super important to me. As it’s a photo heavy app I didn’t want it to use too many colours and decided to stick with two accent colours (orange and blue) that I use very sparingly. I wanted to keep this sleek and modern and a little futuristic.

I chose this modern and futuristic typeface as I felt like the type would add a lot to the brand as would hold a lot of the focus. Legibility was also important. Most elements are kept to being quite simple, black sharper lines. The nav bar icons are squared out to match the sharper edged modern vibe. I tried keeping things very clean and simple and not over design anything.

Creating a polished stylesheet with colours, type pairings hierarchy was very important to make sure the brand stayed consistent and everything in app was formatted correctly.

what once was.

fr3sh under went a major change after a group feedback session where it seemed a little too close to instagram. Influencers could set the amount of copies of their photo to be sold with the idea they could choose exclusivity or to sell multiple copies and it was a first come first served to the photos.

My main focus for this section of the project was creating a good flow for the influencer but fr3sh needed something to make it stand out more and what’s the best way to do that? Add a little competition and exclusivity to the mix…

final outcome.

fr3sh’s current state is a an interactive Figma prototype of the two main user flows:

  • The influencer signing up and posting a photo and getting notified of the purchase
  • The business signing up, searching for, bidding, wining and buying a photo
  • Additional screens of user profiles, business profiles, filters, searches, main feeds, chat, saved photos, web3 guide.

There’s also a proposal discussing NFTs, which blockchain protocol fr3sh would be and the ups and down of web3 and how fr3sh will try combat it and the features of the app.

next steps.

Granted fr3sh was on a bit of a time limit so some priorities had to be taken like the research and creating the two main flows and general proposal and due to some last minute changes there’s a lot of next steps in the horizon:

  • Creating and finishing all addition screen to make the app more complete (settings, new messages etc…)
  • User testing the new business flow and onboarding
  • User testing the general layouts for the additional screens
  • Further user testing for the influencer portion to make sure it’s all polished
  • Looking into creating viewer screens
  • Explore how NFTs of influencer can then be utilized for fans to get access to events, ticketing etc… Then NFT’s at influencer events for marketing etc… Maybe for the viewer section

fr3sh’s full story.