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Project Overview

“Wonderly” is an application designed to assist users in simplifying and streamlining the trip planning process, while ensuring fairness. The app also provides support for users in adapting to any changes that may occur during their travel plans.

Opportunity Space

My research on trip planning has shown that planning group travel can bring conflicts due to diverging preferences. Additionally, it is crucial to have backup plans as unexpected events can cause anxiety and external factors can disrupt travel plans.


Offering a planning system that makes decisions for the group can eliminate the need for arguments and facilitate group consensus by enabling members to vote on activities and lessen the stress of planning perfectly. Also, provide quick alternatives when plans go awry, preventing panic and ensuring smooth travel experiences.


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Key Features


Create Your Planning Space

Answer basic questions about your trip and invite your trip mates. 


Wonder List

Explore and bookmark destinations that you’re interested in visiting on your ‘Wonder List


Automated Process for Optimal Routes

App generates the optimal route for your trip using the activities on your “Wonder List” through an automated process.



Receive Recommendatio-ns and

Create Polls

Fill schedule gaps with suggestions and use polls for fair trip planning with your group


Check off the Activities 

During the trip, check off the activity once it is done



Adjusting to travel plan changes such as when you are late to your schedule

Melissa Chung

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I am an interaction designer in Vancouver, Canada. I have a high emotional intelligence, which helps me understand users’ experiences, needs and pain points very well. I am able to seamlessly navigate between user and designer perspectives, contributing to highly considered user experience.

I am a hardworking and passionate interaction designer with a Bachelor of Design from Emily Carr University of Art + Design.