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OVERVIEW: What is SeeSaw?

SeeSaw is a nature app that provides a gameful experience for learning about wildlife. It offers a fun and educational way to understand urban wildlife. Users can identify real and virtual AR animals in real-time, and explore local parks and participate activities with friends.

PROBLEM: Why does it matter?

As cities grow quickly, many people forget that we share our land with other species due to a lack of awareness, and this causes many conflicts between humans and wildlife.

RESEARCH: Perception of wildlife

I conducted in-depth interviews with residents of BC to explore the relationship between nature/wildlife attachment and people’s perception of it. From my research, I discovered that people understand the importance of having knowledge about wildlife for the benefit of both humans and animals. However, opportunities to learn about it are limited to those who frequently engage in outdoor activities or spend time in nature.

SOLUTION: Get up close with local wildlife

Wildlife is not confined to rural areas or deep forests; it lives closely among us. By understanding and learning about the wildlife around us, we can prevent conflicts and protect these valuable species.

USER: Who can use SeeSaw and where?

SeeSaw is accessible to everyone who wants to know about nature better, including children under adult supervision. Users can use SeeSaw anywhere including urban area, but using in a park is recommended for a safe and enriching experience.


SeeSaw Identifies wild animals and provides users with fun and useful information about them. Users can discover real animals or virtual animals in AR when the environmental conditions are met.

There are two types of AR: high-resolution and low-resolution. The low-resolution option is available for users who do not have enough data.


Users can become friends with other users and create a group with them. Grouping enables users to engage in group activities and have a more enjoyable experience while using SeeSaw.


SeeSaw will suggest enjoyable activities based on the user’s location, weather, and time. Users can propose a group activity to their friends.

Before starting an activity, users will be provided with an introduction that includes information about the land and animals. This introduction will also cover safety information for both the users and the animals.

During a group activity, each user can track their friends’ location and share their discoveries in real-time. If a user goes offline, SeeSaw will notify the other members of the group. Users can return to online mode at any time.

Users can follow SeeSaw’s guide to enhance their activity experience and communicate with their friends in the group.


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