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DRESSING is a personalized digital fashion assistant that enables users to enhance their confidence and elevate their lifestyle by offering tailored outfit recommendations based on their specific occasions, leveraging the contents of their existing wardrobe. The platform also features a digital wardrobe function that facilitates closet organization, leading to more informed purchasing decisions and reduced unnecessary expenditure.


A young 20th entering social life may prioritize good impressions and reputation for interviews and professionalism.

However, lacking fashion knowledge and self-awareness can make it difficult for them to identify personal style, resulting in overspending without addressing fashion-related issues.


A young 20th who will be starting to experience social life. Good impressions and reputation to others matter to them due to interviews and professionalism.

However, due to their lack of fashion knowledge and self-awareness, they may struggle to identify their personal style, which can lead to spending unnecessary amounts of money without understanding how to solve their fashion-related issues.


Digitizing the ability of fashion stylists to reach a wider audience is a valuable opportunity.

FASHION STYLISTS: Main responsibilities include providing fashion advice, choosing and co-ordinating outfits for models in photo shoots or actors in television and film, and choosing props and accessories and preparing them for shoots.

DIGITAL WORLD: An essential part of modern life, providing tools for communication, information, and entertainment. People of all ages and backgrounds use digital devices and platforms, creating many opportunities.


Analyze your Fashion Taste:

Take a moment to respond to the provided inquiries in order to assess your personal fashion preferences.

Discover Your Unique Style: Let us assist you in discovering your unique style by selecting outfits that perfectly match your personality for every occasion, right from your own closet!

Explore and Find Inspiration: Explore different styles, and discover what fits you the most to create your own unique look.

Manage Your Closet Effectively: Discover your closet’s full potential with our data-analyzed information to keep it organized, make the most out of your clothes and save money by preventing unnecessary purchases.

Share Your Favorite Outfits with Our Community: Show off your favorite outfits that you adore every day! Inspire others with your unique style and become a part of our community.

Track your history of outfit evolution: Keep a record of your outfit journey by saving your outfit you wore in a calendar and creating reviews, similar to a diary, to reflect and provide personal feedback.


During my development of DRESSING, I conducted user research to identify key features for the platform. I then designed a clean and user-friendly interface, conducted user testing, and used various tools to build the platform’s back-end and front-end. I prioritized user feedback throughout the development process and ensured scalability for the growing user base. The project taught me the importance of user research, UX/UI design, and development processes in creating a valuable product.

Jaewon Choi

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I’m a UX/UI design graduate from Emily Carr University with a focus on user-centered design principles and a unique design perspective that combines aesthetics and functionality. I’m skilled in user research, prototyping, and testing, and have experience creating visually appealing and user-friendly designs through projects. I’m passionate about designing solutions that meet user needs while also pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

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