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Fashion Industry is one of the most pollutant factors on earth. Slowso was born to raise awareness about its effects and create a community that respects the process of making a garment and upcycling materials. Because it takes a collective effort to fight against fast fashion, it is a movement, and we can only slow it down if we work together. We need as many people on board as possible.


Creating a

clothing, materials

A break from
people’s daily life

Raise awareness about fast fashion and its impacts


Holding workshops for a fun learning experience

Access to people with experiences & opportunities for mentorship

A safe space for people to learn, share and create.

Giving people the opportunity to use various types of equipment without (or before) needing to purchase them.


  • LEVEL BASED- for people to improve their sewing skills.
  • SMALL GROUPS– people will get a chance to troubleshoot their personal projects with people with expertise or volunteered mentors in small groups.
  • A HANG OUT IDEA- for people to try new and creative things with their friends.


Content of the workshops:

  • It is simple. No need to over complicate things. The key steps are shared, keeping in mind that everybody is designing their own pieces.
  • The reasons behind steps are explained. This will help participants to understand the structure-fabric relationship better.
  • Supported by visuals. Everybody works in a different pace. It helps the participants to know which step they are at and keep themselves in check.
  • Know your audience. Most participants have different skill levels. These workshops are trying to find the middle ground.

Goals of the workshops:

  • Learning new skills. It is important that people can apply the new skills they have learned on their own.
  • Be creative. These workshops give participants the best opportunity and support to bring their vision and ideas to life.
  • To have fun. Life can get stressful or boring sometimes and we all deserve a good break.
  • Meet new people. We are aware of the importance of social connections and sense of belonging. We value the human interactions and harmony.
  • Be respectful and considerate. Everybody has different ways of learning you have to be patient and helpful. No tolerance to violence, racism and homophobia.



  • Raise awareness about the threats of fast fashion on the environment.
  • Get people to understand the importance and fun sides of upcycling clothing materials.
  • Create a community of people to bounce off ideas and encourage sharing knowledge & experiences.
  • A safe space for people to learn, share & create
  • Encourage small designers by giving them a space to sell and display their work.
  • Give people an opportunity to be creative without worrying about the tools to achieve their goals.


  • Access to the tools/equipment that they won’t be able to afford or use only for a period of time
  • Instant access to necessary information about certain techniques when needed.
  • A reason to upcycle or recycle clothing.
  • Finding & donating materials


  • Someone to teach them the basics (or further) techniques key points, and tips.



  • (C) Customers: someone who doesn’t have an access to certain tools to repair/make a garment
    Someone who doesn’t have enough experience to repair/make a garment
  • (M) Mentors: people (members of the community) who are intermediate or experts and would like to share their knowledge
  • (S) Supervisors: Experienced people directing the workshops & help customers with questions about how to use certain tools and techniques to repair/make garments
  • (T) Technicians: people who are responsible for making sure everything is working and fixing the equipment if needed.


  • Somewhere accessible to the majority of the community.
  • Community Centers
  • A rented warehouse not too far away from the city center?

CO-CREATION DIAGRAM: showing the connection between different actors and props.


  • Domestic sewing machines
  • Industrial sewing machines
  • Embroidery machines
  • Screen printing equipment
  • Worktables
  • Mannequins
  • Recycle bins
  • Upcycling bins
  • Donation Bins
  • Scarp material boxes
  • Iron & Ironing tables



Eventually, I want this project plan to be able to put in use anywhere around the world. Because it takes a collective effort to fight against fast fashion, it is a movement and we can only slow it down if we work together thus, we need as many people on board as possible.

Zeynep Bozdayi

I am an emerging human-centered multidisciplinary designer with a focus on interaction design and social media and how research can drive targeted engagement with a product. I try to challenge the mainstream and ordinary by using various mediums.

I successfully launched my clothing brand at the age of 18 and have been the head designer since then. Zebo’s Atelier embraces people to represent who they truly are to themselves…

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