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WINNIE: Social Media App for Wine Lovers

I would love to offer a hobby as a gift that allows busy modern people to take a momentary break from their daily worries and enjoy themselves fully. Wine can be an intimidating and intricate hobby for some, but with WINNIE, a social media app designed for wine lovers, it can be a fun and enjoyable experience.

Wine is no longer a difficult hobby for you.


Problems & Opportunities


• Wine lovers and experts have limited chances to engage with others who share their interest or knowledge of wine

• Wine experts have trouble understanding where they are in their journey of learning about wine


• Providing a communication space for wine lovers to connect and engage with like-minded individuals to discuss their passion for wine

• Providing a new portfolio platform for sommeliers to showcase their expertise, expand their audience, and advance their careers in the wine industry

Project Summary

WINNIE is a social media app designed specifically for wine enthusiasts. Wine is often perceived as a hobby with a high entry barrier due to its many varieties, complicated etiquette, and expensive prices. The app aims to change this perception and make wine more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. In today’s world, social media apps are one of the most popular means of communication, and people often lose track of time while using them. Through WINNIE, users can share their happy memories associated with wine and even become wine experts by sharing their knowledge and opinions with others.


Two Personas in a Win-Win Relationship

WINNIE provides an opportunity for wine newbies to expand their knowledge about wine and gain valuable insights from posts made by wine experts.

Wine experts can establish themselves as professionals in the wine industry by receiving recognition and support from various WINNIE users, including wine newbies, through likes, comments, follows, and other forms of engagement on their uploaded contents such as Pops, Reviews, and Journals.

Why Social Media App?

Today, social media is a highly popular communication method, with over half of the world’s population already using it. And yet, the number of social media users is constantly growing. I extend an invitation for you to join the social media app WINNIE, where wine lovers can share your wine-related memories and knowledge while enjoying engaging conversations.

WINNIE’s Goals


WINNIE Dictionary

WINNIE’s features have been named using various linguistic techniques such as metaphors, onomatopoeia, compound words which aim to enhance user experience and increase immersion.


WINNIE’s brand name was created by adding the letters “ni” between the letters of “Wine”, to make people feel like wine is their friendly friend.

Site Map

UI Designs








Vingo! is a wine bingo game on WINNIE that allows players to select one of the wines introduced in Vingo!, purchase and enjoy them, and upload a selfie with the empty bottle. By reviewing the wines in the Reviews section, players can mark off a square in Vingo!. This feature provides an opportunity to experience different wines and cherish wine-related memories. Upon completing the Vingo! quest, players will receive a prize of wine produced by WINNIE.

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