A Knight’s Journey

Mariela Jaume

Mariela Jaume


 A magical knight embarks on a journey to the mountains to find a sacred power source, but she doesn’t realize she’s being pursued.

Artist Statement

The idea for A Knight’s Journey was born during a week of quarantine, spent playing adventure and metroidvania-style video games. I was drawn to their simplistic and endearing art style, and for several months felt myself coming back to the desire to create my own story inspired by them. I have always wanted to combine my 3D practice with my love for 2D art, and this helped develop my film’s look, story and atmosphere.


Mariela Jaume: Director & Producer

Kate Gao: Music Composer

Lorien Allan: 2D Visual FX Artist

Matt Stephanson: Re-Recording Artist

Special Thanks

Adriana Jaroszewicz, Andreea Jebelean, John Li, Ian Woo, Friends + Family ❤️

Mariela Jaume

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Mariela Jaume was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. Having grown up with an affinity for art, she sought out to learn about animation and filmmaking in post-secondary. Much of her creative inspiration comes from video games, nature and music. Mariela is a graduate of Emily Carr University’s 3D Computer Animation program, and hopes to work within the animation industry to help bring stories to life.

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