Courtney Friesen

In an elevator making its way to the top floor, an assortment of characters who would rarely interact, come face to face.

By: Courtney Friesen

Film duration: 3 minutes and 13 seconds

Medium: 3D Animation Short Film

Role: Creator, Director, Rig Developer

Artists Statement:

I love when sentences are heard without context. Coming in and being stunned at a statement because it’s never what you thought it would be. It has a shock factor, it has humor. It stimulates creativity through imagination and attracts follow up questions. It draws the listeners in.

Therefore, I created the film I did. My focus was to share a story that was out of context and yet so commonplace for most of the general population. Most of us have rode in an elevator, and this simple setting can be the genesis for so much dramatic and comedic potential. It was a golden opportunity to push the boundaries of what is witnessed.

Credits to the fantastic help:

Director, Courtney Friesen

Lighting and Compositing Artists, Poppy Felts and Carman Chan

Simulation and Rigging Consultant, Bianca Lai

Font Consultants, Jasper Rodrigues and Bianca Lai

Biochemist, Bonita Chan

Voice Performers, Kirin Dhillon, Poppy Felts, David Friesen, Levi Friesen, Zachary Friesen, Justin Kao, Christen Massey, Malaika Massey, Carol McMaster, and Ken McMaster

Poster Inspiration, Isaac Hernandez

Rerecording Mixer and Sound Genius, Matthew Stephanson

Essential Support, Carol Anne Friesen, Madeleine (Dylan) Campbell, Emmett Fisher