The Ghost Mansion

Jenny ShaoQing Chen

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South entry, Faculty Gallery.

84″x 86.5″,Oil on mutipual streatched canvas, 2023.

The Ghost Mansion is a five-panel oil painting, that depicted a ghostly dance party surrounded by the sacrifice of the clothing industry. Each panel represented the victim from the process of production, from dyeing, form layout, cutting, and sewing, until the model open the gift package and gave life to the dresses. The dresses gain life and soul from the producers, blooming their beauty in the empty mansion. However, the people who made the dresses have to bury in the shadow of ruins, devour by the fire or blot dry their value by labouring.

The red curtain is the middle medium between the viewer and the painting itself. It flows around the scene, sews the panel together, and created a stage for the display.

By removing the surrounding panel, this painting can only be focusing on celebrating the graceful of the lolita dresses. With the adding on of these narrative panels, showing the dark side of the industry, viewers can still focus on dresses, avoid or chose not to look at the deadly tragedy surrounding the beauty of fabric and winkle.

The darkness is there, but you decided whether to look at them or not.

Artist’s previous work:

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21 x 5′, Oil on canvas, 2022

Inspired by the Seven deadly sin.

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30 x 40”, oil on canvas, 2021.

Chen’s Great Adventure 老陈的异世界大冒险

50 x 60 cm, Oil on Canvas, 2022.

Jenny ShaoQing Chen

Hello, My name is ShaoQing Chen, also go by Jenny(She/her).

I am a Chinese-Canadian figurative painter and my art practice explores and celebrates female identity through self-portraiture. By magnifying the feminine qualities in my work, I show the struggle of living in a patriarchal society as a woman. My practice is to express this by falling into the realm of narrative construction.

I am moving on to RISD’S Painting MFA in fall 2023.

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