(How to) Negotiate an Impermanent Landscape

Heather Woolley

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This is about a give and take relationship between us and the environment. Relenting some (not all) control.

The Directive:

  • Enhance without permanent disruption
  • Encourage person to nature connection
  • Entice others to re-imagine their natural landscape

Project Overview

What started as a fascination for the simplicity of rammed earth as a building material a few years ago has morphed into an understanding of, and desire to use, this material.

I love the look and feel of the west coast landscape. It has been one of my biggest inspirations in both art and design, as well as the idea of making alongside nature.

My intentions have always been for a harmonious integration of self-expression, and consideration for the environment.

What motivated me to pursue the notion of designing with nature, but for people was all the childhood memories I have of being immersed in it. When hiking, the paths are sometimes annoyingly narrow, but they are as such so we may enjoy them with minimal disruption to the ecosystem. This concept needed to be taken a step further.

I also thought about how, although people make structures for the outdoors (thinking about play and furniture), some of my favourite areas to sit were on recliner-shaped rocks or fallen logs. Half the fun was trying to find the ideal rock for sitting. Or all the time I spent collecting sticks and branches to make a fort, or maybe a little boat for racing down the river. Anyone can place a premade boat and float it down a stream, but making one only from that which is readily available around you. That is where the fun comes in. And if you lose track or it floats too far away:

“Oh well, time to make a new one”

As well as knowing there is no damage being done to the ecosystem.

This is the mindset I wanted to bring forth into this project

How to operate in the system of negotiating an impermanent landscape

For more info visit: https://heatherw2772.wixsite.com/layers-of-landscape

Heather Woolley

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I am an aspiring environmental designer/artist with an educational background in industrial design. I take great inspiration from the west coast terrain. My work seeks to create a continuous negotiation between us and our landscape. We as people mould nature, and in turn, nature moulds itself, creating an ongoing back-and-forth relationship. I try and come from an angle of temporary environmental alterations that allow us to express our individuality and uniqueness without sacrificing our natural environment.

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