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Explore is a project developed to challenge me to create a series of environments in a wide range of styles and moods. Through my journey at ECUAD, I became enthralled with the storytelling power of backgrounds and how they can be characters in their own right. Through the series, I explore the world around me, the histories of different spaces and objects and the prescribed meanings behind shapes and colours to attempt to create imagery that gives a clear picture of potential narratives.

Explore: Refined Paintings

Explore: Studies

Explore: Development

Below are some of the developmental sketches that went into the above pieces.

Anna Pothecary

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Anna is a Vancouver-based artist primarily focused on environment design and visual development for animation and video games. Her work incorporates design principles and research to create narrative driven settings that consider the characters inhabiting them. She is passionate about creating pieces that incorporate a mix of childhood nostalgia, history and a sense of coziness.

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