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Glenmore Custom Print + Packaging Award – Honourable Mention


Tempo is a celebration of slowness in a fast-moving world.

While we can’t avoid the expectations of speed that modernity has for us entirely, we do need to find ways to slow down and find balance in our lives. If we don’t, we often find ourselves in the midst of burnout, feeling detached from our identities and passions.

Tempo is a photography book with interactive elements that aims to inspire readers to examine their own tempos. I’m documenting my own attempts to slow down and reconnect with parts of my creative process, environment, and identity that I have become estranged from as work and school monopolized my time and energy.

The front cover of the book has been laser cut to create a reusable loom.

This book has been designed to be added to; the binding can be undone from the back and new signatures can be sewn in.

I wanted the book itself to be a slow-growing artifact, a living document that allows the reader to interact and participate in this project themselves.

The goal of this project was to create a physical archive of experiences that can be added to. What does a book look like if it can be expanded upon for a year, a decade, or a lifetime?

Credit: Wheel throwing video by @kellymlacy

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Camryn Sproule is a Communication Designer based in Vancouver BC who specializes in branding, web development, and publication design.

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