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Zara Goldney

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Displayed near the sculpture gallery

A journal inspired by and for road trips. This project aims to celebrate the mundane joys of life through mindfulness and reflection. I have always found I am most appreciative during long road trips. The time between places is one that is slower, it has more breathing room, and can be opportune for reflection. This kit offers users an on the go way to archive their experiences. It is convenient enough to carry around, and a slow enough ritual to facilitate mindfulness. This kit is held within canvas wrap. This is a great way to protect the coil binding, and create a space for writing utensils and paper ephemera.

The kit encased in the canvas carrier. Pockets for the custom ruler, writing utensils, paper ephemera and so on.

With a variety of spreads and paper types there is consistency and a harmonious colour palette.

Being inspired by motels, and a new interest laser engraving I created these keychain accessories.

Zara Goldney

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