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Edwina Liao

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Van Gogh Designs Furniture + Wood Design Graduation Award

Pole to Pole

anywhere, whenever

I translated my memories built from spontaneity into tangible structures, the table and chair, meant to facilitate new memories, where new stories begin. They can be assembled and disassembled, shared between spaces. Removing the unfamiliarity within these spaces and encouraging interaction and collaboration, bringing people together in a shared experience.

Pole to Pole consists of modular poles connected using traditional joinery and secured in place through cord tensioning. These design elements create a durable structure that can withstand repeated assembly and disassembly.

The understated design of Pole to Pole allows it to blend effortlessly into any environment, both indoor and outdoor, creating a sense of familiarity

Living in the moment has become unfamiliar to us, as we navigate through this structured world. We’ve forgotten the simple joy of being led by our emotions and to be present in the moment. Through Pole to Pole, I aim to regain this spontaneous nature of ours’. Encouraging us to continuously learn things about our surroundings and truly explore the world like the selves we once were.

Through repeated engagement with these structures, we can gradually rediscover the joy of spontaneity, creating a space that supports an engaging lifestyle and meaningful connections with the world around us through Pole to Pole.

toh-á table

den-è chair

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Edwina Liao

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Hi, I am Edwina Liao, a designer and maker. Making is my passion. I “make” to emphasize my beliefs and use “design” to tell a story. I am always striving to produce and create things with care and respect towards my beliefs and materials used.

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