“M” stool

Caden Hao

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“M” stool

I’m developing a new form of hybrid material that is both lightweight and durable through the process of lamination.

By combining veneer and textile, I created a stool that is a bistable structure that retains its strength through tension, compression and applied lines.

I’m exploring through these objects and delving into the topics of minimalism, and topics of reduction. Creating a stool that only comes into service when it is needed and dissipates when it is not. Through this project, after the scrutinizing and the constant interrogation of material, I’m building a set of design languages that of transient, impermanence, and humility.

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Joint lamination

Material Experimentation

My first round of Experiments is to test out the different combinations of flexible materials. I used

  • Reconstituted leather
  • Kraft-Tex
  • Cotten canvas
  • Denim
  • Etc

This was to compare their different flexibility and have a better understanding of the material.

I also created a series of tubular structures where the soft material on the interior stays intention and the veneer stays in compression providing the necessary strength.

This is set out to demonstrate that similar structural integrity can be achieved through folding well staying very light.

Caden Hao

Caden is a Chinese-Canadian designer majoring in industrial design with a passion for making. He believes in simplicity where the subtractive design process will produce a great product. He has an eye for aesthetics and detail in technical work. His approach has efficiency at heart in both design and production.

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