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Miranda Lea (Valmonte)

What started as a personal tribute to Walt Disney’s 2002 animated film Treasure Planet and Wizards of the Coast’s tabletop role playing game Dungeons & Dragons,.. now has become its own- still personal- but original and currently evolving narrative. A narrative filled with pirates, politicians, magic, family, and the struggles for control, all while taking place in the far off reaches of outer space…

— After stealing a stone worth more than he could’ve possibly realized, a runaway assassin turned pirate must save their kin from the very employer they robbed it from. —

Spinning off from the ancient Greek myth of Perseus, Andromeda, and Cetus, Ether of Thieves follows Cetus Halloran, an e’noctan (octopus-like alien) rogue, his attempts to flee the solar system he calls home, and the consequences that follow.

Instead of gods and demigods- Zeus, Poseidon, and Perseus’ counterparts are planets and governments. And instead of a sea monster, Cetus is a mortal man on the run from his past.

Disclaimer: Ether of Thieves (title subject to change) is still a heavily evolving and growing story primarily inspired by multiple sources of outside media. I do not take credit for aspects of Disney’s Treasure Planet, Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons, the story of Cetus, Perseus, and Andromeda, nor any other copyright inspiration for this work. All copyright inspiration is included with fair use.


Prologue – Children of E’nocta | 2021

Act 1 – 15 Years Later | 2022

Act 3 – Storming the Castle | 2021-2022

Act 2 – Growing the Crew | 2022

Sketches | 2021-2022

“Match-Cut” Concept


General Design and Expression Exploration | 2021-2023

Action Board Concept Animatic | 2021

Disconnected, but Related Concepts/Studies

Glen Keane Master Copy Studies | 2021

Jin Kim Master Copy Studies | 2021

Modern/Human Concepts & Expressions | 2021-2022

Other | 2021, 2023

To Be Continued…

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  • © 2023 Miranda Lea Valmonte / Aalbli
  • Drayah Oswin (18th Image) © 2021 Rayeden McLeod
  • Treasure Planet © 2002 Walt Disney
  • Dungeons & Dragons © 1997 Wizards of the Coast

Special Thanks to…

  • God 🌌
  • My Mom and Pop, Laura-Lea and Bill 🌺
  • My friend and world-building inspirer, Rayeden McLeod 🎲
  • My inspirational, long-distance, world-building and writing friends ⛈️
  • SCACS, CCS, RDP, ECUAD and all the wonderful teachers and peers I’ve had the chance to know 🍎

Miranda Lea (Valmonte)

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Living and growing between the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, Miranda Lea strives to bring stories to life through visual development.
Combining dynamic lighting and expressive characters, they seek to pull the audience into a scene through atmosphere, emotion, and curiosity.

When not burying their face in their drawing tablet or sketchbook, Miranda is finding inspiration in fantasy media, friends and family, fauna and flora, and the night sky.

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