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The art toy series about the ordinary life of an international student


The Mundane is an international student who is in their 20s. Moving to a whole new country on their own, they have to balance everything out while experience tons of new things. Their stressful life of a young adult is starting. Now, they just mind their own business and enjoy little things in life.

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The toys

The Mundane is a collection of daily activities in an international student’s life. Below are 2 toys from the series: the first one showing them at school standing in the cafeteria and the second one showing them shopping for groceries.

Each toy comes with an illustrative background that tells a story and the location. A pack of the art toy series will contain 1 toy, 1 background, and 1 introduction card (as shown above). For more details, please visit The Show 2023 in person.

The art and design

The Mundane takes inspiration from my own life, so you can say that the character is a representation of myself. I decided to highlight “M” and “E” (ME) in the logo, hopefully someone can see the hidden message.

The logo

Background art

Sticker sheet


After the ideation phase, I start modeling them with air-dry clay, 3D scan, 3D print them with resin as material, color and finish them.

The Show 2023 exhibition

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An Tran

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Hi, I am a communication designer design focusing in illustration and character design. With a passion for games and art toys, I am currently learning and polishing my art skill in order to work in the game industry.

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