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The stars as they dance across the sky, 

The moon as it transforms with the seasons,

And the sun’s rays as they move the shadows. 

These rhythms of the universe.

Our day started and ended with the sun, a natural cycle, and the steady turn of the earth powered our clock.

A time that was ours. A time we have all come to know and forget.

But it all shifted in a moment of stillness and observation.

What happened as we drifted apart from this connection?

When we let a machine dictate our pace, where time ticks on without a second thought?

A timepiece that reads time with the refractive properties of lenses. Mimicking the cycle of the sun and the earth.

Sol is a journey towards rediscovering these rhythms, a reminder of the language once spoken with nature.

It is a journey through time, a dance between light and shadow that invites us to reconnect with the cycles that have guided us for ages.

A timepiece that aims to reignite our relationship with the Sun and the Earth.

Its light and lenses are precisely curated to simulate the sun and the sky.

While the concave lens slowly rotates, tracing the slow and steady march of hours, echoing the movement of the earth on its axis.

These details are an embodiment of the ebb and flow of a natural cycle.

You gradually learn to read it’s time, building awareness to observe and rekindle our natural rhythm.

This project is a part of my pursuit to build effects that restore our ways of living. Sol represents my commitment to this ideal of mending the rift between our synthetic lives and the natural cycles that sustain us.

I hope that Sol will continue to inspire and guide us on a journey of self-discovery and harmony with our environment, shining a light on the ever-evolving relationship between humanity and the cosmos.

The sun continues to shine and the earth continues to cycle, in a constant beat, but they wait for us.

To rejoin its cadence and let the stars, once again, guide our rhythm.

Aksa Elizabeth Abraham

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