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Seoul has been the capital of Korea over 500 years.

The cities in Seoul have been capturing the all the histories of South Korea, and all of livings in the city are the heritages.

My project, S:AMH – Gangnam,

is design a travel pre-study kit designed to offer immersive experiences of the local lifestyle for visitors to Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea under the historical values.



The available resources for travel tips on the internet are limited

Some parts of the trip require knowledge that only locals possess, such as insider tips on how to use certain services or shortcuts.

The research required for travel preparation often takes longer than expected

Preparing a travel plan can be time-consuming. It often requires searching for relevant details across multiple sources, making the process more tedious.

Fully understanding and experiencing the culture of a country is difficult

This is due to the time spent adjusting to the new environment and customs, which can limit the time available for cultural exploration.


Enhance the travel efficiency

Allow travelers to fully immerse themselves in the culture and history of the city by integrating them into the local community, thereby fostering a deeper appreciation for the city’s values

The designs for travelers seeking to learn about and experience the culture and humanity of South Korea on a deeper level – Learning the historical value of the urban

Re-design/create Seoul Travel Guide Materials

Under the project agenda:

The Travel Guide Kit that is designed to assist travelers who wish to experience the local way of life
instead of typical tourist activities, assisting travelers maximize their trip to Seoul with greater efficiency.

Institution Branding

S:AMH(Seoul: Alive Museum of Humanity) is a center of Seoul tourism. S:AMH offers a unique opportunity to explore the city’s hidden gems through its exhibitions, which are curated by knowledgeable local docents. With nine exhibition sites spread throughout the city, visitors can learn about each area’s unique characteristics and gain a deeper appreciation for Seoul’s diverse cultural heritage. The participatory exhibitions encourages visitors to engage with the history and culture of the city in a meaningful way, making it an excellent destination for anyone interested in immersive and educational tourism experiences. 

The Eight Exhibition Cities of Seoul

S:AMH operates the Alive Museum of Humanity in eight different urban exhibitions. S:AMH separated Seoul into eight distinct districts by spotting distinctive regional features. In this project, we will introduce the exhibition urban that called “Gangnam”.

CI / Logo Design


Incorporated the traditional Korean pattern known as “DanCheong”, as well as the landscape elements of Seoul such as the Han River and surrounding mountains.

Color Pallet

Two red and blue colours of the pallet that represents Seoul published by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.


The typeface that is published by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. It is free to download and use without copyright restrictions.

<Vertical ver.>

<Horizontal ver.>

City Identity Branding

BI / Logo Design

Typography Logo Design Process



< Draft 1 >

< Draft 2 >

Typography Logo Design Final

<One Lined ver.>

<Two Lined ver.>

Colour Pallet
& Shapes

Gangnam Local Learning Kit

Included Components Details

< Front >

< Back >

< Front >

< Back >

< Local Tips >

<Visitor Map>

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Greetings, my name is Anny Lee and I’m a graphic designer based in Vancouver. From a conservative, homogenous Korea to a melting-pot Vancouver, I had the privilege to explore and absorb diverse cultures and values. I was thus inspired to create graphic designs that is comprehensive and inclusive of all backgrounds. With an innovative attitude and flexibility, I design various mediums of visual assets that resonate with all types of audiences around the world.

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