Su Ah Cho

Remnant, digital, 2022 – 2023 onwards

Keywords: Memories, Emotions, Symbolisms, Flowers.

Remnant is an ongoing project that focuses on character illustrations. This conceptual project is a character-building that focuses on supernatural entities called Remnants that roam around. Remnants are species born from memories of people, living creatures, nature, or objects and explore the same or different places. While taking many forms, they can evolve or distort based on memories they experience. Each remnant has stories and themes based on symbolism and emotions, which I took interest and continue to explore and incorporate in this series. Throughout my years, I explored various styles and techniques by creating textures using traditional mediums and mixing around with digital mediums.

Asclepia, digital, 2023

Poppy, digital, 2022

Via, digital, 2023

Distant, digital, 2023

Lamenting, digital, 2023

Radiata, digital, 2022

Other Related Works.

Pathfinder, digital, 2022

Cottons in fields of poppies, digital, 2023

Su Ah Cho

Su Ah Cho is a Canadian-Korean artist, studied at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver. She embraces specific terms into themes using both digital and bit of traditional mediums to create an illustration with conceptual storytelling. Currently, Su Ah works with text by exploring creative writing to express emotions, thoughts, and ideas further with her art practices.

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