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Aspiring artists and students of Film & Music, should be collaborating as proactively
as possible as early as possible. Through 9 months of research I’ve discovered a reluctance and misguided prioritization of these efforts, fuelled at the earliest stages of our practice by the same individualized education, competitive attitudes, and commodification of any other career path.

I participated in and heavily documented 10 different collaborative projects with over 20 of Film/Music artists, with the purpose of combatting misconception, and giving young artists a head start by stimulating collaborative ambitions and a broader consideration of mediums in my community.

The entire process culminated in the 16 minute video seen above, utilizing the takeaways of the 9 other collaborations, a field survey, web and literary research, and 3 interviews with esteemed professionals to demonstrate why aspiring artists of music and film should be proactively collaborating as early as possible, with new mediums and peers they wouldn’t normally associate with their practices. This would serve as the primary documentation of the project, the vehicle for achieving its purpose of spreading awareness of my findings, a call to arms, and a shoutout for the talented artists involved.

Erik Tuttle

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Erik Tuttle is a multimedia artist graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design. From a young age he has been passionate about creative storytelling through as many mediums as possible including design, but quickly found a purpose for this affinity in music and video production; because these mediums provide endless potential for innovation, meeting new artists, and combining new practices .

At this stage in his practice, he is focusing on maturing as an ethical designer, to develop a greater understanding of iterative visual development, as well as meaningfully and respectfully interacting with clients and collaborators; because these values are applicable and important to every practice, including Film & Music. He believes self awareness and a healthy emotional philosophy is key to building towards his goals, of questioning the world around us through creation. Erik is always open to collaboration; there is nothing more valuable to an artist than making connections and discovering new creative processes.

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