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“Discover the healing power of nature with the wisdom of ancient Chinese herbology”

Project Idea:

This design project focuses on the exploration and promotion of traditional Chinese herbology. The project includes a research survey on the use of traditional Chinese medicine, secondary research on websites, articles, archives, and physical herb stores, visual research on herbs images and branding, a workshop on riso printing, initial sketches inspired by ancient herb guidebooks, and the creation of posters, cards and packaging designs.

The project also involves the development of a Chinese traditional herb brand, including the logo, brand identity, and a 6-page mini booklet. Stickers were created for herb packaging and brand identity. The poster layout was refined with the inclusion of Chinese and English herb names, descriptions, and a stamp effect.

The project aims to promote the use and understanding of traditional Chinese herbology through thoughtful design and branding.

Problem Space:

The problem space for this project is the lack of awareness and understanding of traditional Chinese herbology in the Western world. Despite the long history and effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine, many people are still unfamiliar with the benefits of using herbs as a natural remedy. This lack of understanding can lead to a reliance on Western medicine and pharmaceuticals, which can often have negative side effects. Additionally, there is a need for accessible and visually appealing resources to educate people about traditional Chinese herbology and its benefits.


Visual Research by Ancient Herb Guidebooks

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