Beauty & Rage

Pedro Magalhaes

Role: Director, Producer, Cinematographer and Editor

Medium: Analog 16mm B&W Reversal and ECN film

Duration: 8:43min


Performing in a void, a ballerina dances to a recital of Whitman’s “I Sing the Body Electric,” while coloured images contrast the beauty and the rage around the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Behind the Story

Beauty and Rage is Pedro’s capstone film concluding his art studies at Emily Carr University. Shot with a Bolex Camera in 16mm B&W Reversal and Color Negative film. It began with curiosity on early dance films portraying ballerinas and showcasing movement. Developed at a tumultuous time surrounded by the feeling of grief, this visual poem has evolved many times until its portrayal of a lonely ballerina and landscape shots of my home country.

Artists Statement

I create moving images that expresses emotions. My intent is to reflect on history, thinking and rethinking on a project’s entity and purpose. How it reflects on the future and on lives is the unique approach I have on my creative process. From a curious child, through my art education, I want to explore and visualize shapes and forms in multidimensional ways. Memories and stories are what fascinates me. Understanding the relation of how space shapes and influences our individual lives is the mystery I have been reaching out.

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Pedro Magalhaes

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Pedro is a Vancouver and Sao Paulo based director, writer, and actor. Born and raised in Brazil, Pedro moved to Canada when he was 16 years old. He began his artistic journey in high school, where he acknowledged his passion for film and video art. His interests include analog cinematography, visual poems and script writing. He lists Jean-Marc Vallée and Lana Del Rey as his main influences.

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