Paulina Krulikowski

Garments that conform to a growing body.

Creative Directed by Paulina Krulikowski


The guiding principle behind my design is to construct garments to conform to a child’s body instead of a body conforming to a garment. Creating a sustainable alternative in children’s fashion that extends the lifespan of garments for children who’s bodies rapidly change and grow in a very short amount of time.


Sustainability was a huge force behind my work. The over consumptive behaviours and consumer culture found in society often cause a great deal of environmental impact, while many consumers are blindly unaware of their habits. 


I began experimenting with pleating, folding, smocking, and weaving systems to contextualize the materials and its durability on a garment. In other terms, I wanted the garment to work for itself. To expand and contract mostly on its own in a safe and sustainable manner. Integrating pleating and smocking systems in my design allowed the garment to expand to a child’s body while also shrinking back to its original size. Smocking silk is also a sustainable practice that moves with the child’s body as they crawl, walk, jump and climb their way in understanding the real world.

Expanding the Length

Integrating a system where the length of a garment can be expanded as the child grow’s into their clothes by hand sewing a distinctive colour from the garment where the guardian can easily cut and pull the thread and it naturally falls into place for the child, no zipping no clasps. This becomes both a momentous moment for the parent, and an exciting new chapter for the child.


Paulina Krulikowski

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Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Paulina prides her work in the art of storytelling. As a photographer, videographer, and industrial designer, her passions are fueled by hard work and determination. A new graduate from Emily Carr University for Industrial Design, her understanding of concept development, textiles and storytelling has allowed her to develop strong connections and relationships within her practice. By focusing on textiles within her degree, her graduation project focuses on clothing for kids that expand over time. Allowing clothing to conform to a child’s growing body and retain its longevity in the world of sustainable practice.

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