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find me on the south east side of the building. A keen eye will be able to spot me from the 2nd floor xx

making magic

Collected from my home and the places I walk, I use found objects to construct environments. While my process is a series of intuitively formed decisions, my intention is to create a new space where inorganic meets organic, and unalive meets living. Informed by several heavy losses in the past few years, I see this installation as away of bridging my current self to past and future families. You will be aware of your body and your movement here, this is where your emotions live. This is where you live.

pushing site specificity and interaction

your presence here is a performance

what do you bring to this space?

This is a space that demands time. Feel free to explore, walk on the dirt, watch your step. Interact but don’t touch.

R Dunic

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feeling love feeling grief

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