Attend The Show In Person

Step into a world of creativity and inspiration at The Show, Emily Carr’s annual exhibition of our graduating students’ work. Works by over 350 artists and designers from all five degree programs have been installed on two levels of the Emily Carr campus. Expect bold, innovative and stunning installations and works reflecting the diversity of perspectives of our graduates.

Visitor Info

You can visit the exhibition from May 11 to 25 during regular building hours. Full details about our location, parking, visitor hours, screening times and more are available on the ECU website.

The main entrance is located on the southwest side of the building facing Great Northern Way. Up a short flight of stairs or ramp, you will enter on Level 2. The exhibition area includes the Libby Leshgold Gallery, and exhibits are installed along the full length of the main hallway, as well as inside the Library + Learning Commons. An all-genders restroom is available on this floor.

The exhibition area of Level 1 includes the Reliance Theatre for scheduled screenings and an on-demand screening area. Exhibits are installed throughout the south and east sections of the building. An all-genders restroom is available on this floor next to the exit on the east side.

Exhibition Images

All photos by Michael Love.

An exhibition installation space within the Emily Carr University building. In the foreground are two blood-stained fabric artworks laid on the floor, accompanied by a pile of light pink powder. In the background is a range of wall mounted artworks, starting from photographs on the far left to a TV screen, followed by an abstract display of tangled objects and a series of smaller paintings.

Installation View, Libby Leshgold Gallery

An exhibition space located near the window, showing a round object hanging in the middle of the room from a string that descends from the ceiling. To the right of it is a clothing stand with a grey block-like patterned hat and shirt. In the left background are two blue gradient paintings created by tiny square blocks. To the right are two paintings of tree-like illustration in vibrant shades.

Installation View, Libby Leshgold Gallery

A view of the interior space in Emily Carr University, where the central area features a collection of chair designs, along with crafted shoes and smaller ceramic objects on display tables. On the left side, various projects are showcased, including hats and costumes on mannequins, with posters on the wall and computers screening videos and images.

Installation View

In an exhibition space, the left white wall is mounted with digitally printed illustrations in black frames. The middle displays smaller hand-drawn images and sketches pinned to the wall. On the right side is a series of hand-illustrated graphical book spreads. In front of these mounted wall images, smaller sketches and book cover designs are displayed on table stands.

Installation View, Little Critter Collective (left and middle), Kristen Chow (right)

Inside an interior window view of Emily Carr University, two collections of furniture designs in bright shades of red and yellow sit in the center, with a rectangular graphic featuring a red and blue woven pattern hanging prominently in the background. On the right, a series of smaller display objects are placed on a wooden table stand.

Installation View

In an exhibition space, a series of wooden furniture designs sit in the front, with a collection of brown ceramics spread out on the floor installation stand to the right. In the background, two wooden loom weaving machines are visible, while the far background features more handcrafted projects placed on the wall and on table stands.

Installation View

To the left lies a colourful arrangement of books in hues of pink and yellow on a rectangular stand. A computer with headphones, adjacent to the display, features a video of a person flipping through the pages of the book. To the right, a colossal roll of paper receipt installation is conspicuously affixed to the wall.

Rowan Wright, Visualize (left), Sooim Choi, Over the Overthinking (right)

A photograph of a person wearing white clothing is displayed on a white wall. The person in the photo stands on a grassy field and gazes out into the open space.

David Aquino, Unity

A wooden installation with a long, curvy architectural shape that includes bench seating inside and three individual seats positioned to the left of the installation.

Zhengyang Ou, CHRYSALIS

Exhibition installation inside the Emily Carr university building. On the left wall is a large tiled painting, followed by a series of rectangular artworks. In the center of the room is a floor installation consisting of rocks on fabric with paper strips spread underneath. On the right side of the room is a large fabric ball rolled into a sphere-shape mass in red, blue, and yellow colours.

Installation View

A wall mounted display of dynamic media film posters in black frames with plastic coverings is organized in 14 columns and four rows.

Installation View, Media on Demand

Exhibition installation inside the Emily Carr university building. Mounted on the wall is a large abstract orange painting and to the right sits two hand crafted objects. In the left background is a display of dotted artwork and a ceramic bowl sitting on a mounted wall display as well as a colourful painting visible in the far background.

Installation View

Exhibition installation inside the Emily Carr university building. In the foreground is an oil painting of a nude human surrounded by flesh-painted human figures. On the far wall inside a cut-open room is a green painting of white flowers in a cylinder vest. To the right of the painting is a physical display of a bouquet of red flowers.

Seohui Nam, A piece of meat (left), Claire Chupik, A Gift and a Home for Lilith (right)

On a flat, white installation table, there is a scene of desserts and cakes made from ceramic and wool, featuring two three-layered large cakes in the center, surrounded by small desserts, cupcakes, and utensils.

Qianxuan Chen, 奔殉(Bēn Xùn)

In a dimly lit room, a projector fixed to the ceiling is projecting two artworks - on the left is a scene of seven objects with a physical model on a stand below the projector screen, and on the right is a black and white sketch with an abstract illustration overlaid on top.

Yanxiao Li, Do You Wanna Join Us? (left), Aiah Gonzales, Graphite Island (right)